Apostle T. K. Grant, III, D.D.  

Apostle T. K. Grant, III was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and educated primarily in the Philadelphia Public School system, graduating from Germantown High School in 1990.  Apostle Grant was called into the ministry at a young age, having been licensed to preach at age 18, and becoming an ordained Elder at the age of 21.  Apostle Grant was an Associate Minister and Youth Leader at Sanctuary Church of God in Christ in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.  After graduating from Lincoln University with dual bachelor degrees in Religion and Sociology, he founded Revival Hill Church, at the young age of 23.  Apostle Grant is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, has attended Eastern Theological Seminary, and holds a Doctor of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian University.

Apostle Grant is a national and international preacher, teacher and motivational speaker.  He has preached throughout the United States and has also preached and ministered on four different continents.  He preached to a congregation of thousands in Seoul, South Korea and has conducted healing and deliverance services in Benin, West Africa as an invited guest of Benin's president Mathieu Kérékou. He has done team ministry in Brussels, Belgium, and preached healing and deliverance on a live radio broadcast transmitted throughout the entire country of Ghana.

As Pastor of Revival Hill Church, Apostle Grant established a successful radio and television Ministry. He has also conducted seminars and workshops on sermon preparation and delivery throughout the Tri-State area.  Additionally, he has held relationship and evangelism conferences throughout the Delaware Valley and continues to be a respected and esteemed speaker and teacher in the area of relationships.

In 2005, Apostle Grant received a new assignment, shutting down Revival Hill Church, and, with a remnant of its membership, founding Revival Hill Oasis of Faith.  That same year, Apostle Grant was consecrated to the office of Bishop by Apostle Dr. Thomas Wesley Weeks, Sr. He is founder of Revival Hill Fellowship of Churches, with churches throughout the East Coast, as well as Africa, Asia & the South Pacific, and the Caribbean.  Through Revival Hill Fellowship of Churches, Apostle Grant is building bridges of support for pastors and congregations within the US and abroad.

Apostle Grant believes in education as a way out and a way up.  In 2002, Apostle Grant founded Revival Hill Christian High School.  Under his direction, 100% of graduating seniors were accepted to colleges and institutions of higher education. Desiring to expand his outreach to children in Philadelphia, Apostle Grant founded TKG Christian Middle School in 2009. Through the schools and other youth programs, God is impacting the future of His people by affecting the children.  Apostle Grant continues to precipitate the advancement of his community through education through the TKGM Bible Institute, with classes in coursework from ministry, to self-improvement subjects.

Apostle Grant is also Founder of multiple ministries, including Revival Hill Elder Care and Prison Ministries, a parachurch ministry serving elderly and incarcerated persons through satellite Bible Study Programs and Worship Services.  Apostle Grant is also founder of More Abundant Resources, a Community Development Organization that is a resource in education, training, counseling, prayer, and general help.  Apostle Grant is founder of TKG Worldwide Ministries which ministers to people by promoting permanent spiritual change through the Word of God.  Apostle Grant has released the book, Preparing Yourself for Relationships, the first in his six book series, Understanding Biblical Relationships… the Real Deal!, and appeared in Ebony Magazine as one of America's "Top Bachelors".  In February 2008, Apostle Grant was affirmed to the office of Apostle in the Lord's church by Apostle Dr. Thomas Wesley Weeks, Sr. 

Apostle Grant's accomplishments are not limited to the area of religion; he is also a brilliant and anointed businessman.  As CEO of Luck Enterprises, LLC, he is skillful and adept in the area of real estate investing, owning and operating a wealth of single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Apostle Grant is founder and CEO of TKGrant Couture Stylings, a fashion and wardrobe consulting company.  Apostle Grant is also founder of Bishop’s Entertainment, a production company focused on the dissemination of the Word of God through creative and performing arts.

Apostle Grant has received citations and proclamations from many political leaders in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Congressman Chakkah Fattah and former Mayor John F. Street of Philadelphia, former Mayor Wendell Butler of Chester, former Governors Tom Ridge and Ed Rendell, and renowned Mayor Gwendolyn Faison of Camden, NJ.  He has been inducted into the International Who's Who of Professional Management and the Heritage Registry of Who's Who.  He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, the Friendship Council of America, and the Philadelphia Council of Clergy. In 2014, Apostle Grant chose to drop Revival Hill from the church name, formally changing the name to Oasis of Faith, reflecting the Word of Faith teaching underpinning the ministry. In 2015, Apostle Grant married his beautiful long time friend and Executive Pastor, Elder Dione Y. Grant, MHS. Above all Apostle Grant is a man of God who loves the people of God, loves to serve God, and lives to lift up the name of Jesus!

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